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Shandong Jinderong Composite Material Co., Ltd. patent No. ZL2009100783841.8 "a preparation method of amorphous wear-resistant surfacing coating" invention patent, we will continue to research and develop for the country and the people for their own efforts to develop ultra-wear-resistant materials.
ZL2009100783841.8 "A Preparation Method of Amorphous Wear Resistant Surfacing Coatings": A Preparation Method of Amorphous Wear Resistant Surfacing Coatings, which belongs to the welding field of material processing engineering, is mainly used for repairing and remanufacturing parts of wear resistant equipment. It is characterized by adding the flux core component into the iron-based surfacing material, so that during the welding process, the weld metal is cooled and solidified, and the liquid nitrogen is quenched to achieve the required cooling rate for the formation of amorphous, so that the surfacing metal can obtain amorphous structure. The content range of the composition of the core is as follows: high carbon ferrochromium: 45-60%; metal chromium: 8-20%; ferromolybdenum: 4-8%; metal manganese: 5-10%; high silicon: 5-8%; ferroniobium: 2-5%; ferrotitanium: 2-10%; ferrovanadium: 2-10%.


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